First time in Cuba?

vistoWhat purpose does the tourist visa serve?
The visa serves the purpose of being authorized to enter and stay in the territory of Cuba.

aereoWhat do I need to know before leaving?
In order to be authorized to board a flight heading to Cuba you are bound to prove to the check-in staff you have a tourist visa, otherwise you will not be allowed to board the flight.

cassaforteUntil when do I have to keep it?
You must keep your visa with you until you leave Cuba.

portafoglioWhat happens if I lose it?
If you lose it, nothing terrible happens. Staff at the airport information desk will provide you with a visa loss report form to be compiled and given to the officer in charge of Cuban immigration while checking out to leave the country.

calendarioDoes it expire?
A tourist visa has no expiration date. Therefore, it is good rule to buy it in advance, to avoid the risk of not being able to leave. This is the reason why you should order it right away.

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