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What risks do I run if I buy a visa from unreliable websites?
You run the risk of receiving a fake visa that is not authorized by the Cuban authorities. Hence, in the event of checks, you could be held in detention for questioning.

Why can I trust Cubacenter.com?
Because we are a regularly licensed agency recognized and accredited by the Cuban authorities, specializing in Cuba as a travel destination. Our visas are duly stamped and valid for entry into the Cuban territory. Moreover, we also provide an on-line payment platform that is 100% certified and guaranteed.

Why is Cubacenter.com based in Havana?
Cubacenter knows the Cuban bureaucracy very well, as they have been dealing with Immigration to Cuba for over ten years.
For these reasons, they set up their own headquarters in Havana, resulting in a better management of bureaucratic files and paperwork and the provision of the best service to customers who might need it.

What happens if I don’t get my visa within 48 hours?
Cubacenter forwards visas daily all over the world. DHL is our courier ensuring timely deliveries.
It might however happen that hard-to-reach places (e.g. islands) demand 72 hours for delivery.
At all events, if you don’t receive your visa within 72 hours, you are entitled to the refund of the amount paid, and you will get the visa all the same.

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