The below outlines the specific conditions for flight reservations organized by CUBACENTER SAS.

– Please bear in mind that airfares are not guaranteed until payment is made and accepted by CUBACENTER SAS. The prices shown are subject to change, and will be reconfirmed when your reservation is complete.

Policy concerning Children
(The ages referred to below are valid for the date of the flight departure)
The fare for infants applies to those children up to 1 year and 11 months in age.
The fare for children applies to those aged between 2 and 11.
Children aged 12 or above must be booked in as adults.
Unaccompanied minors aged 5 to 11, and unaccompanied children aged 12 must be booked in as adults.

Within 48 hours of making your reservation (Monday to Friday from 9am-5.30pm GMT-05.00) you will receive an electronic ticket or a document of confirmation from the supplier, which you must print and show at check-in for your flight, along with the rest of the documents you need for your trip (passport, visa, etc)
Note: No document will be sent from the provider for the flights of the airlines Blue Panorama and Aerogaviota. Our flight confirmation voucher will serve as a valid voucher to present it at check-in.

Flight schedules are subject to change by airlines due to possible operational problems or adverse climate conditions. You must reconfirm your flight with CUBACENTER SAS within 24 hours of your departure, especially with domestic and regional flights from Monday to Friday (8:30hrs until 5:00 p.m). Flights on Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be reconfirmed on Friday.
If the airline notifies CUBACENTER SAS , failure to provide service due to overbooking or other problem with the flight TravelnetCuba will propose an alternative solution , or proceed to a full refund of the amount paid .
In addition, ensure that we can contact you by phone or by email using the information provided by you during the booking process, so that our employees can tell you about possible changes to your flights. The inability to contact you via contact details supplied by you, exonerates CUBACENTER SAS from any responsibility.
We earnestly recommend that our customers do not book domestic flights on the day they need to connect with an international flight. There are possibilities of losing an international flight by way of having to change airports, departure times, or the cancellation of your domestic flights. In this case, the cost of purchasing an additional ticket will be the responsibility of the passenger.

Airline Regulations and Restrictions
When you buy your flight you express agreement with the regulations and/or specific restrictions of the airline that are applicable to your flight or ticket. You must read these regulations and/or restrictions during the reservation process, and before making payment online.

The following regulations and restrictions apply to the majority of cases:
* The majority of flight prices cannot be reimbursed.
* Whether you change your flight reservation, cancel your flight or do not turn up to take your flight (no-show), additional charges may be imposed.
* Tickets are not transferable.
* The regulations and restrictions are imposed by the airlines and maybe subject to change.
* In case of flight cancellation, alternatives will be offered by the airline subject to its rules and conditions. `
CUBACENTER SAS has to respect the rules and conditions of the airline (or flight consolidator). We will communicate with the airline (or flight consolidator) on your behalf but we do not offer services, alternatives, and reimbursements, which are not offered by the airline themselves (or flight consolidator).

We especially recommend that you do not reserve domestic flights for the same day that you must connect with an international flight.

Cancellation Policy
Once you have completed your reservation, payment will be charged to your credit card and you will receive our email confirmation. Your payment will be to CUBACENTER SAS The payment will be deducted in the money selected on the website and the name CUBACENTER SAS will appear on your bill.

Surcharges, in respect to cancellation, depend on the cancellation policy of the airline and the specific fare tariff associated with your flight or ticket.
You must remember:
* The majority of fares cannot be reimbursed
* Tickets are not transferable.

As well as the penalties established by the airline, whatever cancellation or modification to your reservation carries an administration charge of up to US$50 (or the equivalent in the currency you paid in).

We strive to process reimbursements within 72 hours of receiving your request for reimbursement and the information required to do so. However, for flights reserved on our systems which are connected to the Global Distribution Systems (such as Amadeus), once the tickets are issued, reimbursements maybe delayed by up to four weeks due to the fact that payments and reimbursements are processed through the Billing & Settlement Plan (BSP) of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and in some cases, may be delayed even further.