Affiliate Condition

Registration and acceptance

Anyone who owns a site related to Cuba or to Travel can register as a partner for Cubacenter.
Registering as an affiliate implies acceptance of the terms of the Affiliate Program and the obligation
to comply with the terms of the Affiliate Program.
Cubacenter will inform you as soon as possible if the affiliate registration form is accepted.
Cubacenter can refuse registration at any time without giving any reason.

Commissions and payment

You will receive a commission for each forwarded visitor who purchases a product within the applicable
14-day period (cookie value). Cubacenter uses the first principle of cookie counting, the sale will be
assigned to the first marketing channel through which the customer had access to the website.
For the purchase of visas and insurance the commission you receive is 10% of the quantity of products
purchased. For car rental and Hotel booking the commission is 5%.
Payments are made monthly, once the minimum amount of the total commission of € 50.00 is
reached. For payment, we need your information on the Chamber of Commerce. If the Affiliate is a
private individual, Cubacenter needs your personal data.


The affiliate cannot in any way give the public the impression that the affiliate is an employee of
Cubacenter or that his website is developed by Cubacenter. The Affiliate will ensure that there are no
misunderstandings that the promoted products are not sold by the Affiliate itself but sold by
Cubacenter has promotional material available for use on your website. Links can only be integrated
on a website with the address (URL) as specified in the Cubacenter affiliate registration application.
It is allowed to insert text links to pages of indicated in the documentation
provided, any other link entered without first consulting the documentation or the technical office
could cause the loss of the affiliate's tracking.
In this case Cubacenter does not take responsibility and will not be liable for the loss of the
commission by the affiliate.

Domain names

It is not permitted to use domain names similar to